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Let Spoiled Dogs Thrive

By Bonnie Long

Word on the street is our sweet 16-pound, black-and-tan terrier-mix is spoiled.
Outwardly, my responses to this aspersion vary, depending on who happens to be casting the stone. If I value my relationship with the friend or neighbor, I smile tolerantly – with teeth on edge — and change the subject. Sometimes I may even concede, in a back-handed way, “Yes, he’s a lucky dog.” But all the while, on the inside? I bristle with indignation. Continue reading

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The Frog Lady

by Dorothy Dee Workman ~

For four decades, the only frog in my life was a “froggy bank” that sat on my shelf. Then my husband and I traveled to Japan to visit our daughter who was teaching English there. One day in Tokyo, we walked to the coffee shop up the hill from her apartment and passed a lot where construction was about to begin on a high-rise apartment building. The workers were erecting heavy six-by-six-foot metal fencing to protect passers-by from catastrophe. One of the panels slipped out of control and landed my left foot! Continue reading

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George W. Coffer

George W. Coffer Continue reading

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Love on the Run

Herb Stokes
Continue reading

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Waiting for Claw Foot

By Renee Soasey ~

“Front-sponge!” I chimed as soon as Mom announced it was bath time, sisterly code for claiming the front of the tub with coveted control of the faucet and possession of the large, soft sponge that delightfully oozed soap. Momentary sadness clouded my little sister’s brow because she hadn’t beat me to the punch. Then Abi’s cherubic face cleared and her blue eyes lit up as she piped, “Back-washcloth!” It didn’t matter she was claiming the leftovers, as long as she claimed them out loud. Continue reading

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In the Yucatan

By Charlotte Rains Dixon Continue reading

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