Ode to a Guinea Pig

By George W. Coffer

A creature small whose love was sage
After he ran laps outside his cage.
I’d set him down upon my chest
Then pet his head and let him rest.
Black velvet coat, eight inches long,
On my chest he’d chirp his song.

His little paws and great big heart
Both held me from the very start.
Did Blackie know love puts things right?
Extracts the sadness, hatred, pain
From deep inside the human brain,
Pulls emotions into the light
To writhe a while, then lose their fight
And drift away like geese in flight.

Crisp parsley, green and curled I bought;
Spinach of freshest hue I sought
For my wee, black-eyed, velvet beast
So he could come and have a feast.

Four years he held me in his paws
And taught me to accept my flaws.
But now that time has come and gone,
I miss my friend, eight inches long.

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