A Journal for Writers of a Certain Age

Old age may be “no place for sissies,” as Bette Davis said, but it’s a great place for writers. It’s a place where you can shed old roles, try out new ones, express creative urges – in short, write what you want to write. Some people advise you to age gracefully; we advocate aging outrageously!

Our on-line journal here at Writing Into the Sunset is dedicated to your writing life. We publish erratically but at least twice a year. We publish prose and poetry by writers of a certain age, which we perhaps arbitrarily define as 50 and older. Submissions are now open for our winter 2016 issue. See details at Submit.

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The  site offers other resources as well: news of events of interest to writers, links to other sites, workshop opportunities, recommended reading, and tips and prompts for inspiration, if needed.